Sunday, June 12, 2011

Taking myself too seriously... again...

My mom’s birthday just passed and as usual I got to take her picture.
From time to time we take pictures to send to one of her best friends in Germany.

(old one)
And since she was the person who got my first painting ever
(this one)

We have decided to send her a photo with my last ones.
I didn’t have the chance to do it though – Gisela died - that day.
So in the same spirit of my “pig painting” I’m posting the photo here – for a full connectivity.

Happy 61 mom...

You see, sometimes it really feels like every small decision is a life and death call. I can’t stop thinking about it and trying to put a meaning in all that I do. That pig painting was based on beauty as a truth revealed underneath it all. It is based on Ouroboros .

When I was invited to paint a sofa I have searched for a meaning. Every time you sit on it, every time you come home or before you go away, I wanted to bring a meaning to that moment and that place.
Russians sit for a while before taking a long journey – sort of like… saving the moment.
Each time you get back home.. you have a chance to save that day.
If something meaningful happens on that sofa… you need to remember to save.
People save their work when it’s safe… when it’s good, before making a risky attempt or just when the progress is meaningful enough.
If people would remember to save more moments of their lives they might be amazed of how many moments they agree with. Salvation is easy if you save before temptation.
Sitting inside the Ouroburos should remind you that a snake drops his skin from time to time.
I don’t have a final photo of the sofa… my car broke down on my way to the opening of the event… here’s a work in progress shot… the final is not too far from this… I had several other shots of my work.. but… I forgot where I saved them :P

P.S. It's funny how people are stuck with a symbol. Nobody's using floppy disks anymore yet this one might remain for a while. Don't forget to save.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Robin & The Backstabbers

I'm waiting for an NDA clearence for the rest of the photos. In the meantime - here's another lo-fi clip i shot with them a while ago.
Enjoy :)