Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beauty - Deserted Journey

Here's the next part of the beauty project i mentioned earlier.
Same team - different model - all fun.

Photo: Andrei Fantana

Make-up: Diana Ionescu

Hairstyle: Anca Macavei 

Model: Alexandra Ion 

Filip Ristovski - by request

Well... it seems there is a certain need for more Ristovski.
Some... "acquaintances" even asked me for nude pictures. Should i? :P
(no worry guys, i'll have more ladies on the page veeeeery soon ;) )

Now.. take the opportunity and go to see his one man show called "Nijinski"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nude Samsara

A while ago... bits of a beauty session regarding the new trends.
This is sort of a nude make-up by the amazing Diana Ionescu.
The hair magic by the one and only Anca Macavei :)
More coming. Way more.

Photo: Andrei Fantana

Make-up: Diana Ionescu

Hairstyle: Anca Macavei

Model: Stefana Cindea

oh.. an here's one that didn't made it - i've messed up the colors, ruined the makeup and all.. but well... i like to do that :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Filip Ristovski (actor)

I shot my friend last weekend. Pictures soon. Thx.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Long Pose - Short Time

The nightdrawres set up a long poze evening last monday.
Excelent moment to hook up with my friends. Dan has been away for years and now he's for a brief period back in town. We used to stare at the wall arguing about the exact nouances of "white" at 5 am. Drinks and passion for art will do that to you.
We ended up at a Drum&Base party and we painted all night on the piano of that club :)
So... it was a blast to see him again yet... after drawing beautiful Corina we didn't had that much time to share. My 5am was booked for a shooting the next day... and that photo shoot lasted 10 hours. (very fun though... stand by ;) )
So.. here are the remains of that late monday - the lovely talks i can't share - you had to be there...
Loose start... messy... everytime when i start working straight on digital i trend to drag... and drag.. and lose focus.. and... structure .. and.. i loose it :)

After 40 minutes of drift... i decided to clean it up.
And this is where the time with Corina was over.

But the art debate continued and me and Dan started to stab eachother - taking turns in holding the pen and messing the colors on the piece.

"Oh.. look what you've done here... you call this a good stroke ? "
"You know what i'm going to do ? I'll erase this face.. and i'll go with complementary color on those highlits"
"Reealy? Give me that pen.. let me sharpen those edges for you... and noooo.. don;t touch the nipple.. noooooo"

Thx for looking.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mountain Gods & Good Friends.

Well... i don't know why we have to go big distances to realize truths about daily life. I have no idea how it works when you fail to go or when someone dear goes and things just resonate with you.
Yet... sometime best revelations come when you go big distances with good friends. Sometimes when you fail to do so too.
Here is some of us fooling around in that mountain trip - for me was a walk in the past - i grew up on that mountain. Also - it's the first shooting of the new camera- it has done its share since - stand by. (i'm digging in too many gigs)
What i regret was that i was not able to take the shots i wanted - the wind was not too kind that day :) and in front of me the gravity shifted - you should have been there.... it was... unearthly

oh.. and.. i love you... happy birthday... i'm sorry i missed it.

here comes the journey... enough with the grim mood - good happy friends is all you need.

even that sometimes... they hurt too... or .. the drink is too strong :) :)

Have you ever seen a happeir and more colorful brother ?

he can't even frown :)

This is how the doctor becomes... "the l'animal of prey"

He was hunting...
the creature with 3 belly buttons...

and than.. it attacks everything...

aaaand... my serie with the Egyptian... gathers more and more meanings :)

There... that's not all... but.. a good glimpse :)
See you next time ;)