Monday, December 24, 2018

2018 - in reverse - and in very short terms

Opening up with mid year mem - Szighet Fest

Just to catch the eye.

And back to the end of the year. 


End of a long year at Dojo Motorsports - right after Suie Paparude concert

Cluj sweets!

Right before our first symphonic tour. Scavenging for set design pieces. 

Trip to Milan 

Constantly working - this is how it feels when she's swept away by work :) 

Live fake radio fire @Guerrilla Radio 

Such clean neighborhood - much wow - one shot every time i had the opportunity - a small reminder to get registered to vote in this city if you actually live here. 

Vote Observer - @Tiganesti / Teleorman 
Reality check seems like a surreal dream. 

Pizza for Rasputin 

Suit day. Sweet ;) 

Suceava - in the castle 

There's a whole saga here- but it's still ongoing

ARCfest - our little endeavor for this year. 

Yep - that cord started to numb my little helper's hand. 

Gaudeamus... Cluj

Oh that's a space debate... 

Expirat (good concert) 

Been bouncing like a ball between Bucharest and Timisoara. So... i tried to get the feel of it. 

Arcade Fire and Nick Cave... damn good concerts 

Prospects for ARCfest 

Kiev - lovely city, lovely people 

Almost got married for a day ;) @afterhills 

Live drawing friends 

Stolen stereo (who does this still ?) 

Inimpreuna (Tape recording back in trend) @Carturesti 

3 flat tires in a month... 

The perks of a skiing day 

2nd hand shopping, trains and Iris* House :) 

Busted by train station police in Sofia. No drugs found :)  

Ski trip - more skype meetings than actual skiing  

Suit day. :) Sweet :) 

Been a long year - lots of protesting. 

Checking for studio time. 

On for great things - new year's eve.