Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Ubi Ubi...sometimes

It feels really good to be challenged from time to time... i've spent the last two weeks in a "chateau" close to Paris, along with 20 great minds, and lovely characters.
The Academy of Design - a secret program, on the verge of pioneering... we felt damn good to be part of it and i wish the same feeling to the next generations.
Here's a bunch of photos of my new friends.

Canada, US, Japan, China, Sweden, France, etc... there are great people all over the world and it's fun when they all get together... drunk!

Yet... we also worked... kinda like this...

game design.. is magic..

Thx. for looking.
See you soon.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Catching up

Sorry for the late update... i was... well... in fact too much happened so i'll just drop stuff here and talk about it.. some other time - ok ?
I'll start with some more shots i did at the last session... and more of Alin's work.

Make-up: Diana Ionescu.
Model: Roxana Ioana
and some of Deedee


And a bunch Alin took in the same day.

Fotos Alin Popescu.
you know the rest (models, makeup..etc)

her's another batch of photos from the holiday trip

[edit] more on dojo
here's one teaser of the last journey... i'll get more of this veeery soon.

thx for looking