Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rainbow Reader (The Blue 2)

From Zilnic

Sitting mute for more than an hour in nothing but the complete reach and disconnection, they were both stunned on how strong the presence of accomplishment was. He sneezed. Unable to see any possible future that may top the moment she was imagining all her invisible supporters applauding the silence as result of true communication. Another round of applause was for the sick hallucination they were both part of and another one for his long neck. Just then he took a book, open it and turned the whole silence into a pause.

For the moment nobody could say if the pause was hours long or just the echo of the silence.
His voice, relaxed, deep and warm started to roll word after word, embarrassing each page as a faltering compliment. Overwhelmed by the wave of heat his reading produced, she couldn't stop thinking of energy saving patterns. She was suddenly all sweaty and above her round steamy breasts rainbows started to crowd. She imagined all the animals of his story overdosing with rainbows and tearing her breasts open in pleasures.

The imaginary audience of supporters was mute. Turned into a crowd of her own past iterations and father figures it was demanding dignity and lust, childhood moments of ripped plush giraffes and wild sex. He was calm, relaxed, detached.
The next word will bite her lower lip. Pushing phrase after phrase under her nails, followed by her eye lids and then the armpits, he was juicing her each heart beat. Soon he was digging caves under her breasts. He started from the left since there he found a black hole seed waiting, like a gas pocket, for a breath of air. His breath was perfectly controlled.
Soon the rainbows collapsed trough the thin skin and flooded the caves under the breasts. What a spectacular disaster. Hundreds of wandering animals from the book and lost souls kept in her darkness were about to be drowned in rainbow juice. Past boyfriends were the most desperate: we are just friends! they were yelling. The skin on the valleys of her breasts was getting dry and cracking like baked earth. Soon volcanoes would emerge bursting out her nipples. Rivers of ash would hug the hips and the lime green sheets of the bed would have to unveil her white legs with a tsunami, despite the attachment.
Snakes were already rolled on her ankles, sucking her blood just to make sure she doesn't explode. Between her legs a penguin marching band was helping flamingos to perform a ballet. She knew the flood was coming from within her and all the animals of the earth and several imaginary were entering her body, word by word.
It was a cold snowy day.

As charmed as she was, the Orthodox education kicked back in and she resisted the temptation to give herself over. Soon her body recalled all its cells back. He felt he was losing control. How could she? His master found his end also under the skin of a heretic, a non initiated woman, also a Balkanic one. For a second he was terrified, she wasn't listening.
Black stripes started to appear on his pants and the text of the book changed under his eyes.
"You will leave me; my heart is already too fragile. I would have loved you so much... but you are too cold. Instead of trying to win me over, be smart and let go of me. Be a gentleman. Stop calling, stop writing, just disappear. I'm not doing all this to give you the challenge you need so much. I'm just moving on. Your soul is sweet... too bad it's dry. Leave"

But his knees were all black now and soft like gum. His tongue too, all black. She turned to him, touched his face like whipping an imaginary tear from his cheek. Inside he bursts in a child cry, like when you realize for the first time that your deeds are hurting others for years to come. Soon his tears were coming down from her eyes. She was smiling... sad.

Caught in this dance of death he only hoped that the communication might work with more than words. He started to speak in his head, slowly, determined, cool, like he would have used his gift, his voice.

"Feelings are not written in words. It's an alphabet we invent and we look like argueing mutes when we try to speak our souls. Step back and see from far above. I will probably manage to leave, but we'll never be apart and while you tell me to run - i take a second and ask you to stay. Your soul is streaming through your body as light trough a prism. You mix some black among your colors and black rainbows look good only with white shirt and tie. Don't divoce the ideea of me, before i even recalculate my ego. Please, don’t be that proud... "

His face was changing while, locked in his mind, he was speaking his monologue. From a young boy with beautiful lips he shifted to a gentleman with piercing eyes. His eyes... she was just noticing for the first time... the eyes...

In front of his lost look, she lost the grip on her fears. The spell was broken.
Only his tears remained on her cheeks.
His tongue felt alive, his voice back, the knees seemed to solidify, yet still soft… his pants remained striped.
"Why are you crying?" he asked?
Hearing his voice he realized it was the only real sound in the room after he stopped reading. Was it all in his mind? If so... what is this wave of heat filling his guts?
Smiling with her eyes in tears she says:

"I love you too, freako".
"Keep reading."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Felix: The apprentice

From Zilnic

1 mentos tube.
2 tic tac orange.
4 bottles asprin
12 kilograms of turkish delight
one red cabbage
one rope of garlic
dry mint
thermo-isolated cup.

58.87 $

Always paying with brand new money made me curious. That was the first sign. As always, he picks everything up and shoves the paper bags in the back of his truck. I could swear there was something fishy with the man. Danny was sitting next to me and wants to look over the fence too.
... he's coming damn it... HIDE!
- He’s coming here?
- SHHH... shut up Danny.
- What’s he doing?
- He’s got a shovel... what the hell?
- Can I look?
- SIT DOWN DANNY! He's leaving... let's go through the back... maybe he goes home.

We running like crazy jumping over the stuff on Mss. Glasburry that she keeps in her garden. We get there before the truck. We see him unloading all the stuff and from the back... he gets a dead dog, I swear!
Danny has a slow moment of initiative.
- We… we… we have to tell the police or something.
- Shut up Danny... I’m going closer.
- I stay here… if you want.
- Yeah. Stay here... if i don't come in an hour or so, go tell my brother. Do you have your cell with you?
- My mom has it now... hers is broken and...
- Ok... ok... never mind. If it gets dark and I’m not out... tell Nick about it.

Long pause here... nobody does or say anything I don’t know how but it's how it went. After a while Danny breaks the silence again.

- You know what Katie was saying about him?
- No... what?
- That he must be a killer, a priest or a fashion designer.
- Why?
- Dunno. She was talking about his coat.
- It’s a cool coat.
- Yeah but she said... it's not what grown up should wear unless they have a mission.
- A mission? Do designers have a mission, you idiot? Whatever... I’m going closer.
- ok...
- ok...

Getting closer i get to peak trough the barely cracked window of the basement. He puts some music... stupid dance crap... and he opens a sort of a drawer. I can't see what's in it... from this angle i can barely see his head and only guess what he is doing. It looks like a lab or .. at that pointi see him how he takes the dead dog and puts it in the washing machine. A horrible smell comes out right in my nose. It’s so bad I have to close my eyes.
When i open them up again... the window is fully open and he looks straight into my eyes whispering:
- Hey Felix, would you give me a hand?

I want to answer but I’m all stunned. I was running in fact, if I could, but I was just sitting there. He says...
- Go around. The door is open. Don't let the cats out, ok? Come... you'll like this.
At this point you can tell I was really scared, but man... I wanted to see, and you know i'm not a chicken. I was all shaky but I went.
I get to the hallway, it's a normal house with a lot of stuff in it... nothing seemed wrong... i mean I was expecting blood stains, or altars or something. I take the stairs down the basement.
- Quick... close the door - i don’t want to stink up my entire house.
- Mr. what are you doing with the dead dog?
- It’s a lucky day Felix. You'll see. Want something sweet, Turkish delight?
- No sir... it stinks too hard here.
- How about some Mentos?
- Did you kill it?
- No, I found it on the street outside the town. It was hit by a truck last night. I tried to rescue it but it was too late.
- I see. Do you need my help sir?
- Yeah man, we need to make a sort of a thin bed of Turkish delight first... over that metal plate there.
- What's that sign on it?
- Ah... the artist in me. If it works I’ll explain to you.
- Is it dangerous sir?
- Ha ha ha - no my little friend. Come on, you're smarter than this.

So we start putting Turkish delight over the big metal plate. He's eating from it while arranging it... and he sings along with the music. As soon as we have it all covered up he brings several bottles of strange looking liquids and some jars with freaky stuff. And while singing he's mumbling stuff:
"Umm... a little dust from dried up mouse tails... a bit of this... a bit of... ah… I’m gonna run out of parrot eggs... hmm"

- Felix boy, can you help me with that TicTac? Let's smash about half of the box and mix it well with this little blue rocks... in fact you know what? Put them in the blender over there... it's not the perfect option but it does for the job.
I bring him the result... he starts to mix it with another stuff... anyway... things go a bit more complicated. It's getting late and I’d better tell Danny not to alarm my brother. Before i even finish thinking he goes...
- Don’t worry... Nick is really busy tonight. He'll meet his first woman. And Danny is already home.
- WHAT? How do you know? What are you talking about?
- Relax my little friend... I’m on your side. You like Katie right? See? I know all this stuff... and it's not magic. I'm just trained at see things... it's OBSERVATION!
- And the dead dog in your washing machine is also observation mister?
- He he... no... that's... good luck.
- What do you mean sir? What is this all for ?
- For a girl, obviously, he says with a big smile on his face.
- To get her love sir? To marry her? To what ?
- ha ha ha
- To make her love you?
- My little darling... aren't you too smart for your age?

True love it's something that requires decency and no artifacts. Not to mention, even if you shift the quantics to favor the love Gods you still end up with a bribed love. Corruption my friend is not making me hot at all. No... all this is for something much more simple.
Bring me that paper next to the laptop.
- This one?
- Yep.
- What’s written on it ?
- Looks like an email address.
- Read it.
- I can't.
- Exactly... the damn glossy paper and her ball point pen... not the perfect mix. Now it's all so unclear... not to mention... her hand writing. I mean... I managed the other day, when I ordered the pears and the mint shampoo from your mom’s store - you remember? You were right next to me...
- Yeah
- So i managed to see the initial writing... but I didn't understood a thing – it that an “a” or an “o” and that a “d” or… and it's supposed girls to have a nice hand writing...
- Well... some do.
- Katie eh?
- Yeah... so all this will help in what way?
- Come... let's make a small sacrifice to the gods of the internet – ha ha. Really, modern age has so many things at hand it's a pity not to use them. Get that gas torch and let's heat up the Turkish delight bed.

Soon the mixture on the iron plate starts to change color. The sign drew on the bottom lights up and it gets so bright I couldn't keep the eyes full open. Right then the man gets the dog’s washed up body and throws it in the middle... in few seconds the thing becomes all dark and the room is full of smoke...
- Now... the tic-tac mixture...
I had the feeling a small earthquake shakes the house.
He takes the laptop and grabbing me... he says:
- Come!
We go upstairs... we're all dirty but we rush straight in the white living room. Without taking his eyes from his laptop... he gets to the fridge.
- Milk? Orange juice?
- Sprite if you have.
- Have some orange juice.... quit drinking sparkling stuff.
Having said that... we see the messenger window popping up.
This girl, with a funny name gets online. I swear... it was magical... the look on his face. With the glass in his hand.. noting was moving in the whole house – the cats were all like stunned – I was too. After a moment…
- I should go now... sir.
- Thank you Felix… come again.
- I'll buzz you next time I'm online sir.
- Yeah...
At home nobody seemed to notice anything strange about me. I only felt cooler and smarter. Katie is online and she asks me about school. I think it’s for the first time she asks me anything. Weird eh?
Nick didn’t came home that night.
Danny moved out with his mother. He still believes I’m inventing all this. By observation, he will have a boring life. Now .. if you excuse me… I have a long and strange shopping list.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Blue

An accident they thought. At her 3rd anniversary, he came with his parents and acted like it was his own birthday. All the grown ups in the room were eating, drinking, laughing out loud. The kids were drawing. She didn't cry at first. His drawing was dark blue.
It wasn't even a matter or argument. Somehow his hand took a Prussian blue pencil and stabbed the sharp tip in her face.
The place was amazingly chosen.
For years to come, the blue mole would charm so many people. They kept on asking: Is it a birth sign? So blue... how come?
Nineteen years later she had a fiance, he had a wife and a kid. Once again.. in a remote town, somehow they meet on the street. They had no idea at that time that he was the one marking her when she was 3 but the mole played her part stronger then before.
Two nights later, having sex was odd for both so, as she was trying to quit smoking, he just took a book and read her a story. The mole was burning and so all her beauty came out of her body and smacked all their entities together in a blender we call.. love.

Happy Holidays

From Zilnic

Friday, December 19, 2008

A bad day for Milk.

It was a bad day for Milk. The warm morning started to show some marks on his tan and the Jazz concert he was listening to… surely altered time. It was in fact the theme of his study: "we can alter time if we really manage to change our internal rhythm" and the Jazz was the perfect method for it.

He was sick… way too much sun, way too much Jazz. Time shifted for him and the 5 minutes he was spacing out, came back to tell him that in fact they grew into 5 days.

So… there are 5 days since the cat was missing? The Jazz concert failed to bring back her waving tail… that's why there’s no question, why his insides were not feeling that good.

By God, missing someone is really a damaging business.

Concentrating on his pain, Milk went into a deep sleep we call coma. Twisted around his guts he was dreaming only of the cat and her joyful figure. It’s strange how cats don’t have the anatomy to be sad. Surely… they try and we see some effort but they’re still just cats. As he wakes up, the cat is next to him.

She’s not sleeping, she’s not eating, she’s all wet and dirty and she seems in pain. Just like he was feeling.

Have his thoughts twisted her reality too? It seemed impossible... the Jazz concert was over.

Without saying a word he gets of the bed and starts to dress up. He’ll go to work and will not ask her a thing... if she feels like it... the cat will talk, will tell him everything, will love him again.

He could see on the expressions of all the colleagues he met that he wasn’t in his best shape. Everyone was looking at him like all of a sudden he was born malformed, suffered a severe burn on his face or just lost a limb, as having disabilities. They were acting accordingly, masking their attitude, trying not to stare too much.

Is my love … my disability? People treat me hopelessly.

He went back home, the cat was faking it too. She was acting like nothing happened, just like a disabled person tries to act normal.

Milk was hoping initially that she will burst open and confess, that the pain she was covering was meant to be remorse, to be out of love for him to turn into medicine for them both.

But the cat never speaks her most intimate echoes. The cat’s anatomy can’t let her burst into tears.

The cat is faking every color of her fur and every sun ray in her eye.

It was a bad day for Milk. With a sad smile, he kissed the cat on her little pink nose, took his jacket and went out.

In the Jazz bar, Milk was trying to shift time in the other direction, shrinking hours in shot glasses, drinking his guts out.

If the cat would come after him, pick him up, drunk as he was, telling him – “Come home you idiot”… it would be a nice story... right?

But cats changed. It was a bad day for Milk.

Sunday, December 14, 2008



It's time, baby...


But he didn't sleep at all. It has been a long time since he was waiting for this. It was her discovery and he was about to keep it for himself. This totally plain hotel room had the key to his dreams... and it was meant to work one day of the year only.
The watter was dripping filling up the tub. Out of the tub... he looks hypnotised at the water - He grabs some water to wet himself.. takes the cream soap bar with scrub particles and smashes it into his fists then he firmly fists his dick and moans in pain. He couldn't wait anymore.
The steam starts to create unusual rigid geometrical shapes... and the mirror responds in kind by refusing to lose its clarity.
It was hard to breath and the hot water was just about to reach the half of the tub.
It was time.. indeed.

He gets into the water and his body soon start to feel it. She was on the other side... allover him.. morphing in many ways that he could not even imagine. He felt he was inside her.. and outside and the more the water was rising in the tub the more his body was feeling.. unnaturally good. They were reunited... he missed her so much.
This little trick with the water in this hotel room, at this time... was millions better then any "Being John Malcovitch" - and they both tried that.
She told him NEVER to plunge his head under the watter - She told him to keep himself in this time and dimension, and to give himself... only as parts.. never the head.
But it was going to be so much until he was to see her again... and the water was running and reaching his neck.
He felt so good.. he only wanted to let go.. to submerge himself to her... She always told him to be free... yet he only thought of her.. he never wanted anything else... to be free .. was to be ... hers.
He said.. "i love you...freako' ... I'm coming" and with open eyes.. he let his body drag the head under the water.
His dick came... and sperm floated in the water as he disappeared...

on the other side.. she bit her lip and whispered a "no..."
her eyes got flooded with tears who carried his taste...
she knew she lost him... he was gone.
why did had to love her that much? Why was this happening again?

the water kept running all the way... to the room... and to the stairs of the hotel.. and to the pit of the elevator.. and it kept running a long time after as the hotel guys had a realy hard time puting a stop to that.

Friday, November 28, 2008

No Reflection

ref used from net.

First time it was deja vu.
She was as always half asleep on the way to school, leaning her forehead on the bus window when the other car passed in the opposite direction.
In the window of the other bus her reflection doubled.
The next day she played with her reflection until her shadow merged with the rain trails and formed a rabbit...
Nice weather, no? said the rabbit.

The regular opposite bus makes his pasing fast. She barely managed to notice that her reflection was looking on the wrong direction.
She was tiered... needing sleep.
Eyes closed she talked in her head with all the people in the bus - finding out all their stories. People are not that bad. Students rock.
She will punish her reflection tomorrow starring at the window no matter how many busses will cross....

Weekend came... no school, no bus... no window... no reflection...
She forgot about it until the forehead told her Monday morning - brr the window is cold... again.
It's decided: she will look for the other bus.
The bus arrived... and for a split of a second she saw herself in the other bus... with her forehead on the window.
There was no doubt... it was really her... or someone who looks identical with her.
She was so freaked out the next day... looking for the purple bus...
Her heart was so small... the bus was getting closer.. and...
Both busses stopped - the traffic was such that her widow came right in place with the window she was aiming for in the purple bus.
She looked at her copy... perfect... the copy was amazed too... it was such a moment... she doesn't remember anything else from that day...

Next day... she looked again... big starring eyes on both windows... moving away the copy... smiled...
Couldn't remember anything else of that day either...
Next day she mounts in the bus to go to school... eyes meet... time stops... time runs again... and then at destination, she gets off the bus... she was... home.
It was still morning... she left for school - she remembers that much... yet... the bus brought her home. She tries to ask the driver but... the bus is gone and... it's purple.

She dials her own number... and her voice sais - i cant talk right now.. i'm having class. i'll call you later.

later she only receives a message:
"i'm sorry about all this - it's because i'm in love... all the quantics... the infinities of us... i had to skip over one of us. Is all a bit messy - but... all the numbers are right now - you will love too... starting tomorrow. I'm go glad for all of us. Good bye."

The next day... she was going to school... remembering nothing of this - she was just thinking about her lover... someone she only remembers about... it feels like she never met him... like a love from the internet and it will take her whole life to see him again... but she loves him... and she will stick to this window of the bus every day until the bus will take her to that world and she will be able see him again. What's the difference if he's oceans away or dimensions apart?

Then suddenly she heard his voice... right in her head "i love you too, freako"

The end.