Monday, January 30, 2012

Cleaning up...

While tons of other things are in the way, I though I can clean up my card.
I quit photography a while ago to follow some other projects.
I had to quit those other projects... to follow... new projects.
So... here's what was last time on my card.

 Light Sabering Mono Jacker Photobucket

mUse Of Force Photobucket

Some light power Photobucket

And for me... speed... is better with eyes closed. Photobucket

See ya soon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

We follow end

In the very beginning of this blogging thing all i could say was :I have no time for this.

It's again the case. I tried to edit the footage of the road-trip back in December - our way to the ski resort in Surianu.
I didn't manage to finish the job - so here it is, posted without a lot of the footage, and without and end... hmm.. maybe that's a good thing :)
 Much more happened along the way. Here's how one day looked in 20 snaps - for a
 Thx for having a look... even if nothing much is visible out of what i do these days.