Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old Stuff, Older friends

Kinda busy lately, no time for mumbo-jumbo. Here i am Sunday evening at the office, taking a break to post some stuff. Old shots i found - probably among the very first photo sessions i ever did.

Filip & Delia

Friday, March 12, 2010

Green head

I colored my hair again - springtime days ahead - and while at it, I asked Rodica for a pen and some paper and took advantage of the great mirrors in her studio.
Once again... she did wonders. I hope you'll be able to see some of her magic in some shootings to come. It was also the last day for my big mustache.
In the meantime...

Game Over... 14 years ago ... ?

Boy i feel old... and creepy in my head. Lucky enough some folks keep reminding me of my early days.
Few days ago I was supposed to celebrate the birth of one of my biggest projects - Game Over magazine.
To all the fans out there... if any still alive,
here are some pictures of those days.
For the non gamers visiting.. bare with us.. we have this sickness... AND WE'LL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

Cover of the first issue.
Funny thing, i met one of the designers of Command & Conquer only few weeks ago.
I'll post soon an interview with Randy and even a head to head with on e of the designers of World in conflict
(destructive minds.. are we not... pfff.. where is the love ? )

Here are some pics of the guys involved... you should see them now :)
Some are reaaaaly unchanged - i mean.. you can find them exactly in the same position, on that same chair wearing that same shirt... :P

Bugs... in the first trip to ECTS. As you can see.. we're in a pretty pretty industry.




Me... right after the decease of the project... dreaming of being a great designer... for Impale Ent :)
E3 2000 i think...

and right there... i met Oleg Maddox - doing flight games... just like me :)
Here he is... moving his hardware :)

and .. while scouting in the old photos i found something for the nostalgics.
A photo of the dude who wrote Dos Navigator

and this guy

i don;t remeber.. he was from Hexen or .. something.. and after the day was over Paul met with the demon in the bathroom - he was washing hes feet in a sink :)
Nasty paint... you see?
Well... that was my small trip back in time... as a way to thank to all who believed in us back than.
Sorry i couldn't find pics with all of us... and surely you remember more things than we do... since we're so old.

EDIT - if you want to read it.. some nice guys scanned the whole collection and shared the old mag. with the rest of the Internet. FREE THE INFORMATION... :P

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Unblow a kiss

Two weekends ago, i found out that a building close to the office was going to be destroyed - by controlled explosion.
To take advantage of the event - i wanted to take a shot of a kiss with the falling building on the background. So i call up friends, find a model willing to kiss the old me, makeup, lights the whole gear. Everyone was in terrible party mode the night before so early Sunday i was gathering sleepy yet enthusiast friends from around the town.
Half way trough the makeup the news comes: there will be no more explosion.
Well... since we were there we went on with it anyway...
here's how Alin captured it.

photos: Alin Popescu
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Model: Corina Ifrim Allure
the rest of the story on Alin's blog.

My shots:

Here are some shots Cristi took - i went on and messed with them since he finds reasons every time not to work on his raws.

And some from the one and only Diana "DeeDee" Ionescu
Sorry Dee... i messed with yours too :P

So that's about it. Another failed concept, another morning of fun. Hope you enjoyed (it was cold up there :) )

EDIT - more Cristi

and Lili