Monday, December 02, 2013

Upcoming concert - yep.. throwing in a sketch :)

Sibiu, Tg Mures, Brasov... this week. Stand by :)

   photo Rockstadt_sml.jpg

Nov. 1st - International Self Portrait Day

November 1st - International Self Portrait Day.
My favorite holiday !
This year... on the run, in a hotel room. Sorry it's rushed. I'm such lately.
   photo nov1_2k13_vWEB.jpg
Look it up on Facebook - hundreds of artists joining. INTERNATIONAL SELF PORTRAIT DAY

Band Camp (And a bit before)

 photo 2013-11-09205855.jpg  photo 2013-11-09205858.jpg  photo 2013-11-09205930.jpg  photo 2013-11-09205937.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210133.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210142.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210203.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210253.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210305.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210346.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210355.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210415.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210434.jpg  photo 2013-11-09210442.jpg  photo 2013-11-16150457.jpg  photo 2013-11-16151407.jpg  photo 2013-11-17104038.jpg  photo 2013-11-17104730.jpg  photo 2013-11-17164655-2.jpg  photo 2013-11-18112255.jpg  photo 2013-11-18113122.jpg  photo 2013-11-18113253.jpg  photo 2013-11-18215324.jpg  photo 2013-11-20004301.jpg  photo 2013-11-20153150.jpg  photo 2013-11-20181133.jpg  photo 2013-11-20181220.jpg  photo 2013-11-20181225.jpg  photo 2013-11-20181238.jpg  photo 2013-11-20181337.jpg  photo 2013-11-20181355.jpg  photo 2013-11-20181730.jpg  photo 2013-11-20183826.jpg  photo 2013-11-20183839.jpg  photo 2013-11-22122622.jpg

Monday, October 28, 2013

It was fun!

Thank you for coming!

   photo Control_portrait.jpg

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another concert, Another sketch

See you Saturday

Went back to Painter - messed around with some new brushes - as you can see- very messy.

Soon we'll put more effort into these. Hopefully. If i could just have the time...

 photo FemeiM_013sml.jpg

 photo FemeiM_progr.jpg

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Music makes me draw!

Here's a quick sketch I made as an invitation for tonight's concert. 
See you there. 

 photo WhiteCrow_3a.jpg

 photo YouAreInvited_again_3.jpg

Monday, September 09, 2013

For a T-Shirt exchange

shortcuts in Montmartre

Saturday, August 31, 2013

KAT 2013

Kamikaze Adventure Trophy 2013

In case you missed the action here.

  photo KAT00009.jpg  photo KAT00010.jpg  photo KAT00011.jpg  photo KAT00012.jpg  photo KAT00016.jpg  photo KAT00017.jpg  photo KAT00018.jpg  photo KAT00019.jpg  photo KAT00020.jpg  photo KAT00021.jpg  photo KAT00022.jpg  photo KAT00023.jpg  photo KAT00024.jpg  photo KAT00025.jpg  photo KAT00026.jpg  photo KAT00027.jpg  photo KAT00028.jpg  photo KAT00030.jpg  photo KAT00031.jpg  photo KAT00033.jpg  photo KAT00035.jpg  photo KAT00036.jpg  photo KAT00037.jpg  photo KAT00040.jpg  photo KAT00041.jpg  photo KAT00042.jpg  photo KAT00044.jpg  photo KAT00046.jpg  photo KAT00047.jpg  photo KAT00052.jpg  photo KAT00054.jpg  photo KAT00056.jpg  photo KAT00057.jpg  photo KAT00058.jpg  photo KAT00061.jpg  photo KAT00063.jpg  photo KAT00065.jpg  photo KAT00066.jpg  photo KAT00068.jpg  photo KAT00069.jpg  photo KAT00070.jpg  photo KAT00071.jpg  photo KAT00072.jpg  photo KAT00073.jpg   photo KAT00075.jpg  photo KAT00077.jpg  photo KAT00078.jpg  photo KAT00080.jpg  photo KAT00081.jpg  photo KAT00083.jpg  photo KAT00084.jpg  photo KAT00085.jpg  photo KAT00089.jpg  photo KAT00093.jpg  photo KAT00095.jpg  photo KAT00100.jpg  photo KAT00101.jpg  photo KAT00103.jpg  photo KAT00105.jpg  photo KAT00106.jpg  photo KAT00107.jpg  photo KAT00108.jpg  photo KAT00110.jpg  photo KAT00112.jpg  photo KAT00113.jpg  photo KAT00115.jpg  photo KAT00116.jpg  photo KAT00117.jpg