Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Jan

Today my father would have turned 80.
Somehow the last image i have of him is a drawing i made while he was in the hospital.

Oddly enough i realized that all the portraits i did of my family were in hospital beds.
Here's my brother completely still - with his spine broken in 2 places doe to his para-gliding tricks. I was just beginning to draw and it was a good way to spend time with him and practice my pencils.

don;t mind the lines and the black eyes and swaloed faces he was doing for me by default.
He's fine now - if you want to see what he's up to, follow this blog.
My father is also fine. If you want to know how he's doing, follow this blog.

P.S. - if you were looking for a reason to drink a glass of wine, i can give you some.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


There's no other Zen and sometimes no bigger frustration than drawing from a live model.
Some old friends managed to set up the weekly event that makes Mondays cooler than Sundays.
Hopefully i'll keep on going and on dropping whatever i scribble. Here are some sketches from the last time i went. I messed up with them playing with the new version of my software. I also added a small movie i edited for them (a bit low on the content but you'll get the picture).

I have no idea why i got into the goof mode, fooling around on the sketchbook but i had fun. Hope you will too.

photos & video: marius costache
edit by me.
some random tits i made while i was in a meeting (ups...)

and here's another doodle on the graphic side.

EDIT: I keep drawing old people and portraits looking to the left (the past as they say). I have no bloody idea why.This one got away with the USB connection - i think the future is coming :P :P
bye bye.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The last...

It's been a while since i posted... work. In fact i never post real work since my work is posting me like a stamp on a chair for long, long hours and i'm not allowed to show you what i do there :) I was speaking about pleasure. It's been a while since i posted pleasure. Wait, pleasure is not posted... it's sponged, soaked, pulsed all the way inside.
So... what i post about it's fun.. since fun is ussualy spread and this is what I want to do and what remains when there's no reflection... not even in the camera mirror.

This fun is about the last shades of the last shoot of the last shape, last hue of the last year.
As usual it was a rushed job, an early call on a Sunday morning.
The good part of a Sunday morning is that, while most people sleep, you can shape the world around you so much easier.
Lucky enough i knew the collection and i knew what kind of shapes i needed in my background to match the volumes of the clothes - what i didn't know was how cold it was going to be.

Here are some attepts at finding a style in the post-process.
I was busy as a junior bee at the time so DeeDee stepped in an took over the hard part. Here's her view of the day.

And here are my insecurities. What a mess.
As i was saying - creating the shapes around the subject is easy - seeing the beauty cry.. out of cold... that's when photography becomes evil - so maybe why i'm doing it.

i wanted to explain what i was looking for on the color side but i'm currently under a lot of fire so i'll have to do that some other time.
anyway, things were going a bit out of hand :)

and more on the portrait cut

Hairstyle beast:

And more color.

That was it. Looking forward what 2011 has in store on this side.
Thx. for looking.

Model: Alitia
Hairstyle: Anca Macavei
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Clothes: Diana Nita

Sunday, January 09, 2011

A normal blog post...

i hate people taking photos of their food. i really do.
I mean... who the fuck cares what you have in your belly? your mom ? maybe. The real reasons they take those pictures is to remember what they had - i mean.. for fuck's sake if they love food so much.. they should just remember it.. not take a picture - it's got no taste if ya know what i mean. Anyway who would want to remember having this amazing duck when will get back to the usual lunch sandwich? No, really, who would ?
It's all because of those new "mobile phones"... i mean it. Everybody has these new phones that do everything these days. These guys take a photo of every bloody thing. Man i hate people staring into their phones all the time like it's a book or something.
Fuck.. i hate people staring into the books too. But you see... i've got myself a new phone, and it's got books in it too, lots of them and it fucking takes pictures... and boy this duck with slightly caramel pineapple, olives and "herbes", cranberries and potatoes "du village" ... i mean... not to be a phony or anything.. but.. its like i wanted to see how it's like and...
pff.. don't even get me started... i mean... let me start with the beginning...
you see.. here i was in this Bansko/Bulgaria.. for some skiing...

Man i love skiing... i mean.. the classical skiing it's the best. Fuck those board people and the fancy clothes and all... right? At the end of the day a lot of people are just sliding on the slopes.. but the ones you turn your head to... the ones that really ski like a damn alien... those my friend are very few. I'm not one :) but i slide in my way... and always keep getting there. On another note.. some of those boarding girls are really cute to tell you the truth. I know one. So there I was until i had to go. Honestly... i love to go.
So.. i took this old bus that was from a different place and a different time - it was really struggling to fit in Bulgaria.

and got to Sofia - where a cab driver tried to get 5 times the price of the trip from me. Boy.. i let him take me to the airport and you should have seen his face when instead of 100 i gave him 20... boy he was mad as hell... but i asked for the police and in the end... we got a deal :)
Now.. it didn't struck me at first - i thought its just an accident but later on... i stared to realize - the Sofia airport is one of the dirtiest airports i've ever been to - and, my dear.. i''ve seen my share. Now... i love Bulgaria and all.. but this airport was really really dirty.
You start notice these things when you have a new phone... with a camera and all...

I was about to show you the bathrooms too but.. man those were sick.
The Budapest airport.. well.. i couldn't see much of... except that i have been checked by security like never before - i mean the dude reached under my pants man... and asked me to sit and touched my feet... i almost lost my connection...

And here i was in my way to Geneva - already a long day and the day was not to be over yet.
Have you noticed how everything in Switzerland is ... SWISS ???

And boy they love watches... and chocolate.. and ... branding all the shit with SWISS.
It was time for me to move to France and i got to the place where... hmm.. how can i put it? The day i got my phone... it opened up with a background image. It's where i ended up.

Now... i'm not sure this whole story has any meaning, i mean... everybody has a phone that does all the crazy things in the world... and yes.. the duck was great, even the wine... as she recommended it... she said it will go with the duck... and it did... i mean... hell.. i think i photographed that meal just because i was shy to ask her name - so maybe i'm ok with photographing food... for the brain.

(this was on a military fence with electric wire and stuff)