Saturday, December 25, 2010


Last week i had the pleasure to be part of a painting expo - my first :)
I never expected to have a showing - ever. When i started drawing/painting i thought i will be able to enjoy this at retirement, out in the garden with a paper hat on my head and the grandchildren too noisy around me. Lucky enough i have been enjoying painting since the first day i started - well.. exclude the frustration that comes along and hits hard.
All thanks to new friends. I was fortunate enough to discover amazing people in the pursuit of fine arts who thought me the joy of... seeing in colors i guess.
It's why, maybe, later on, i picked on photos - again with no expectations.
So PAF was a surprise.
I got lucky again at the PAF since i didn't have to put up on the wall any major statement.
I was given the opportunity to promote the Self Portrait Day (Scroll down for about a month :) ) and so i did.
Next time i will actually have to think of what i want to put up the walls - i'll have to give a heavier meaning to my pixels.
Well... enough ranting - here are some photos from the expo - courtesy of fellow artist at PAF and good friend Dominus.





Detail on one of the self portraits and me facing myself. What a clown.

Thx for looking.
Next time... we'll have a message - ok ? ;)

It's time for me to take another trip - not sure i'll have the time to update - so see you next year.
Here's a look at the last shooting of this year.
Diana Nita
Thx for looking and have a great 2011.

Pre-Christmass Christmas at Odeon Theater

As i mentioned a while back, it's been 10 years since i quit the theater/acting activities. I got back this year for a very short shot and i have enjoyed every minute of it. Lovely team and sweet project.
Here are some photos courtesy of the great Adi Bulboaca.

Oh.. and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vice infusion...

I do adore the small and self conducted experiments each goes to. There were so few vegetarians when meat was hard to get ;. I keep hearing: I dropped the bread. I don't eat sweets anymore. We quit drinking sodas - we're on tea now.
And tea was the subject that day... swirling the mind without a teaspoon.

Every little shift comes from a bit of self love, a sense of sacrifice and a hint from... well... each time i made a change in my life was due to a muse.

Madalina owns a small tea shop. I now love tea and small shops :)

I still drink a lot of crap but i hope the vice of better myself will never leave me.

Model: Madalina Ivascu
Hairstyle/Make-up with real, good tea: Diana Ionescu
Location: Deemers Teahouse - Academiei

Sunday, December 05, 2010

ah.. it's just a scratch...

i mean... a sketch...

on a side note - it's been 10 years since I've been on a theater stage.
Las Thursday i've performed along with a great team in a small project at Odeon Theater.
There might be more to it ;)