Monday, May 30, 2011

Un suc

Well... a while ago i've got to be part of a project at Odeon Theatre called "Filmul pe scena".
It was great to be back into acting - especially since it was a project involving a movie scene and the crew was great.
In the 2nd iteration of this project i was just a spectator.
"Filmul pe scena 2" had a small script and i couldn't wonder how it will be as a challenge for me.
Apparently I was not the only one with questions on his mind.
So... having good friends around we decided to shoot it on a weekend and here's the rough sketch.
Manny thanks to all involved – and the apologies for the underdeveloped result.
It took a while for me to gather the guts and show this (hair color has changed many times since :) ) but I hope that it will boost me to get better and it was a fun day anyway.

In the meantime… my acting had other instances… we’ll see if it develops or not.
(apparenlty i get to draw while i'm on set - see below)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sketches and Live Session

Time to drop some more sketches and doodles from another PAF session.
Enjoy sessions

Self portraits - i turned 35:

Portrait of Daniel Popa (actor and generally cool guy. here, reading on the set)

Live doodles at PAF - Atelierul de Productie

And here is a portrait Dan Ghiordanescu did for me:

Also another drawing from Dan of our model that night: Roxana Paraschivoiu

and Roxana's take on my portrait. It's fun when the model goes against the painter.

Pretty good eh ?
My painting from that night is a mess :)
Thx for looking.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Robin and the Backstabbers - preview

Here are some shots from the "royal hunt" shooting with my favorite local band "robin and the backstabbers"
More to come. Stand by.

Photo: Andrei Fantana
Asistent Foto: Radu Tancau
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Stylist: Isabela Hentiu
Hairstyle: Anca Macavei
Set Design: Andrei-Florian Popa
Asistent: Maria Pop
Location: Thomas Antiques

and here's a lo-fi version of a song - private concert at Robin's nest - one year aniv.