Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'celona 1

I will start dropping frames from the last weekend.
I've took a little trip to Barcelona where i was expecting to be amazed by the city.
It didn't happen - probably becouse my friends there amazed me beyond the town's charm.
Back to photos.
This is a random shot - i was caught by the light and the traped scooters.
The people just came into the picture while i was framing. No ideea who they were.
Click.. and go.

few steps down the road i understood that we were walking a burned down path. the city has invisible roads, and we were lucky (a bit later towards the night) to discover them.

I colected few cats for Bianca. It's her hobby and i though i can help.

Found out who was doing the markings in the town, and who was gettign emotional about it.

More, tomorrow.

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