Thursday, January 28, 2010


Someone has been complaining about me not posting enough "art" on the blog.
Well... if i was doin any.. maybe i would. But it's been so long since my drawing/painting days... i got all rusty and all.
I still scribble from time to time in my sketchbooks but there's nothing good coming up.
Here are some doodles just to please my friend... and some life drawings - as i'm trying to get back in shape... (frustrating activity)

don;t ask... long story

those 2 were done at the office - we used to have a great model and a lovely time afterhours :)

this one is very ugly but it reminds me of a character i was working on... maybe i'll revive him.

This is a recent one - i was coloring my hair (green and blue) and i've done this in the mirror of the hairstyle saloon. It's good to have designers and stylists as friends.

Life drawing gestures, Corina (great friend and model) plus a doodle at a concert that i continued at a party.
Thx for the visit.
oh.. & more holiday pics on dojo

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