Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Still Here

I think you've figured it all out - i'm a very busy monkey.
I had no time for any other stuff than my job - working long hours and full weekends.
One half weekend however i managed to slide out of town.
My car is rigged to go anytime - the trunk is full with the gear for the sea side so, after some hours at the office - one Saturday i pretended i go to buy some stuff and... gone i was.
(on another set of news i crashed my bike but.. it's nothing serious)
Here's a bit of the trip
Thank you all for still visiting this rusty-dusty blog and for taking me out.. for being such nice friends :)

Oh.. i don't have my camera anymore - so all these are taken with a point&shoot... hence.. "the point" ;)

Oh... and in the same yellow tone - check out what the guys are doing.
They are working the weekends just like me... so it's no surprise that we escape together :)


Dominus said...

you should try to escape more often, and get your camera back :)

Ioana said...

Boooob! :)

Mo said...

uuu, shapes, u busy monkey. Love u.