Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New contest

Someone enjoyed the Gameloft art race and decided it's time to set up another one, one block away. The theme was " A thief".
Now... such an undefined definition is open to a lot of visuals and in the same time does not present enough specificities for the concepts to be compared.
If you want to read "thief" the moment you see the image - one is forced to go to the cliché.
Looking at the most renowned thieves , they look just like ordinary people.
Hence… in order to define if the visual isa good interpretation of a concept – one must know the concept.
There’s no harm in letting the artist come with a concept of his own – but how do you compare the concepts ?
Since I was drifting in my thoughts like this I just started to doodle – some high fashion looks and some dynamic poses.

I couldn’t make up my mind on which one to detail further so… I went doing all of them. Also made a portrait for each.. just for fun. I told myself I’ll have enough time yet I ended up in the story with the rabbit and the turtle.

Oh.. and since I wanted to attach a concept to the images – I googled notorious thieves. On pole position were the two that sad next to Jesus on his cross.
I went for a 2nd coming and added another one – and these guys they knew they were to be crucified the moment He arrived.

This is the classical fantasy thief – without much gear. More like a burglar.

This is the one that knows about His coming. Religious fanatic looking forward the day he’ll be crucified. I gave him a cleft lip to add to his charm . I enjoyed doing the tattoo on his back – in that twisted position was a quite a challenge – this one was without any reference and hence.. it’s not quite “all right” but none the less.. very fun to do.

This was meant to be a girl – parkour hi-tech and all. Not sure why the parkour reminds me of thieves :P

Umm.. no i didn't win. :)

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