Monday, May 30, 2011

Un suc

Well... a while ago i've got to be part of a project at Odeon Theatre called "Filmul pe scena".
It was great to be back into acting - especially since it was a project involving a movie scene and the crew was great.
In the 2nd iteration of this project i was just a spectator.
"Filmul pe scena 2" had a small script and i couldn't wonder how it will be as a challenge for me.
Apparently I was not the only one with questions on his mind.
So... having good friends around we decided to shoot it on a weekend and here's the rough sketch.
Manny thanks to all involved – and the apologies for the underdeveloped result.
It took a while for me to gather the guts and show this (hair color has changed many times since :) ) but I hope that it will boost me to get better and it was a fun day anyway.

In the meantime… my acting had other instances… we’ll see if it develops or not.
(apparenlty i get to draw while i'm on set - see below)


A Reader said...

No offense, Andrei, dar nu esti deloc, dar absolut deloc convingator in rolul de "baiat de cartier"... (frumoasa ta partenera din film insa e mai convingatoare in rolul de caprioara speriata)

Nu ne poti arata pls si filmuletul rezultat la "Filmul pe scena 1" ? Ca sigur ai jucat mult mai bine rolul de acolo, ca altfel nu te-ar fi ales perfectionistul Razvan Radulescu.

Afantana said...

:)Heh... mersic.
Nu am nimic din FPS1.

Zuluf said...

I thought it was really awesome.

Gonti said...

parca esti un personaj din filmele rusesti. nu-s de-acord cu primul comentariu, cred ca tien de regie si cadratura. prea multa miscare si atunci nu se citeste intensitatea personajului. si ambientul prea luminos. no tunnel vision

Silvia Boyadzhieva said...

Hey it's really lovely.