Monday, September 05, 2011

Broken Lunch Break

Incredible how human hands get rusty so fast.
I try to remind myself how hard it is to get back to drawing after a break - and nothing better than the lunch break to break the broken habit. Yet things get smoother and tend to perform better when more people get the same mindset - so i have filed a complaint to my friend Dan who's currently in Germany for a ping-pong match.
I started by sending him the very first doodle.. the warm up. I was just loosely splashing colors interested to nail some details in the shadows while a strong light source is around. A things for subtle values. What a mess:

Well, my friend Dan being amazing with his environment started to bark on my about perspective and construction and such - and he was right. This is what he sent me back (the happy guy took what he please from my sketch and had his way with it) Yet, i'm a guy who likes to build and follow along... yet.. i had to fix his colors :) and went on adding some details, changing the proportions and having a good time. This is what i sent back:

Currently he mumbles about how he doesn't like unfinished work - so.. i'm standing by for the update from his side. In the meantime... i fool around and doodle. I should go out there and get myself a model (we all need models in our lives no ? ) and take my hands (my eyes and my brain) on a study or two. In the meantime... fooling around should do (it's crazy how stuck the mind gets when you try to break away from the comfort zone)

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i love how your post kinda opens my view towards a great animated illustration. it's awesome to be able to witness the works beyond the scope that i normally know.