Thursday, April 05, 2012

Mobile Pudding - part n

Well.. most of the stuff that I've been cooking lately is still in the oven or already devoured by friends.
Sure there is a ton of mini stuff that I'm embarrassed to show so till braver times, we will stick with the crumbles from my phone.
So were back to casual posts...

This was a present from my girl friend. Sorry babe, I got into a bar fight (again). Photobucket

Summer is here so i moved my bed on my window Photobucket

dream river Photobucket

The cars are afraid: Photobucket
they're right Photobucket

Tattoo ritual (don;t ask)   Photobucket



Photobucket Photobucket
I know a lot of this things are of no interest and have not much to do with reality. So just so I can prove that's I'm still in touch... a shot from my office:
Thanks, I hope I'll have better stuff soon If I don't burn the cookies again. PS - The Android app of choice for the pics is called Pudding Camera - as you can see - it a bite of fun. Enjoy.

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