Sunday, April 21, 2013

aye... again it's been too long. 
here we go: 
concerts (Brasov)
 photo 2013-03-23230937.jpg
and after concerts :) the kids these days, they fall so soon. 
 photo 2013-03-24032424.jpg  photo 2013-03-24032434.jpg  photo 2013-03-24032453.jpg 
this guy is a natural... 
 photo 2013-03-24123813.jpg
i got myself a new office - and working with my sweet Delia - we have decorated the place. 
Now I only wish to have enough time to spend at work. 
I'm too busy :(  
 photo 2013-03-27212734-1.jpg  photo 2013-03-27212745.jpg  photo 2013-03-27212909.jpg  photo 2013-03-27212956.jpg  photo 2013-03-27213021.jpg
values test.
 photo 2013-03-30083334-1.jpg
the Dojo Motorsports crew just finished pimping up this double decker for a lovely eco project. 
chcek it out. 
 photo 2013-03-30170004.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30170038.jpg  photo 2013-03-30170100.jpg  photo 2013-03-30170109.jpg
my brother at work :) 
 photo 2013-03-30170403.jpg photo 2013-03-30170445.jpg  photo 2013-03-30170508.jpg  photo 2013-03-30170515.jpg  photo 2013-03-30170711.jpg  photo 2013-03-30173544.jpg  photo 2013-03-30174854.jpg
ski time :) april :)  photo 2013-04-02064900.jpg
 photo 2013-04-02094403.jpg  photo 2013-04-02105311-2.jpg  photo 2013-04-02123831.jpg
my jacket from Ukraine - after it got an oil treatment under our van. bye bye my dear. 
 photo 2013-04-07185659.jpg  photo 2013-04-07214808.jpg
another brother visited my office. remember this little guy ? 
 photo 2013-04-09184601.jpg  photo 2013-04-09184607.jpg  photo 2013-04-09184924.jpg 
visiting other offices too ;) 
 photo 2013-04-10143045.jpg
unexpected awards
(Best ALternative Rock and Artist Of The Year) 
wtf, right ? 
 photo 2013-04-16104350.jpg  
another visit at the Dojo :) 
 photo 2013-04-17121532.jpg  photo 2013-04-17122922.jpg 
and more concerts
 photo 2013-04-17225348.jpg  photo 2013-04-17225401.jpg photo 2013-04-19002050.jpg photo 2013-04-19002113.jpg photo 2013-04-19002128.jpg  photo 2013-04-19002147.jpg  photo 2013-04-19002209.jpg
and after concerts :) 
 photo 2013-04-19035309.jpg  photo 2013-04-19054604.jpg  photo 2013-04-19055555.jpg 
reading photos :) my fav :) 
 photo 2013-04-20100353.jpg

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