Thursday, June 20, 2013


Here's some internal junk from the digital mirror

Mr Bates 
 photo 2013-06-08124456.jpg

Hot Rehearsals  - pre - ELECTRIC CASTLE (Cluj)
 photo 2013-06-19212633.jpg
 photo 2013-06-19212626.jpg
 photo 2013-06-19212605.jpg
 photo 2013-06-19212515.jpg


"In ambulanta" :(  
 photo 2013-06-15004041.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14232424.jpg

Here comes the rain again...
 photo 2013-06-14210114.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14210059.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14180223.jpg

Bodyguard Contests... HAWKWARD! 
 photo 2013-06-14180012.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14175924.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14145901.jpg

Little Offroading on the way
 photo 2013-06-14140726.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14140716.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14140647.jpg

Our sound guru. 
 photo 2013-06-14140031.jpg
Them brothers... 
 photo 2013-06-14140026.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14140019.jpg
 photo 2013-06-14135846.jpg

And some more 


 photo 2013-06-08214951.jpg
 photo 2013-06-08214946.jpg
 photo 2013-06-08214943.jpg

Cluj - AH

 photo 2013-06-08005546.jpg
 photo 2013-06-08005353.jpg

Le Gojira
 photo 2013-06-08005324.jpg
 photo 2013-06-08005323-1.jpg

Lights Out

 photo 2013-06-07235312.jpg
 photo 2013-06-07235306.jpg

His job - to look good by the pool.

 photo 2013-06-01105340.jpg

Marele Zgomot

 photo 2013-05-30184413.jpg

I'm getting too much gear... installing/packing/transporting/DAMN!
 photo 2013-05-30173802.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184828.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184818.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184805-2.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184802-1.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184759.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184757-2.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184751-2.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184750.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184749.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184748-1.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184748-2.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184747-1.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184745.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184729.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184722.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184353.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184344.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184337.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184223.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184142.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12184138.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184105.jpg

 photo 2013-05-12184037.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12183919.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12183904.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12183603.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12183522.jpg

Muntele Rosu :)

 photo 2013-05-12175753.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12171957.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12171834.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12171414.jpg
 photo 2013-05-12171354.jpg


 photo 2013-05-11214141.jpg
 photo 2013-05-11172740.jpg
 photo 2013-05-11171509.jpg

 photo 2013-05-10224810-1.jpg
 photo 2013-05-10224644.jpg

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