Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gentleman, it's been a full year since my last confession. 
I've sinned. 
Here's a bit of it. 
 photo 2014-09-04 22.50.35.jpg  photo 2014-06-20 07.37.38.png
This little friend managed to build his house inside my car... it's been so long. 
But here's the story. 
We left of after that offroad race. 
What followed is a long list of concerts and here's a little present we left behind almost one year ago. 
 photo 2014-06-11 09.40.29.png  photo 2014-06-21 14.33.55.png photo 2014-06-21 14.31.52.jpg  photo 2014-06-21 14.34.37.jpg  photo 2014-06-21 15.04.08.jpg 
In this abandoned factory, we left our album for whoever finds it. My guess is that it's still there. 
We'll try to go and leave our new album in the same place. 
But i'd love to hear from someone that they managed to snatch the treasure already. 
We also left two cigarettes - it's custom in war. 
 photo 2014-06-21 15.09.41.jpg  photo 2014-06-21 15.13.12.jpg 
Here's the spot. I'm sure you'll get it. 
And on the road again. 
 photo 2014-06-27 21.48.56.jpg  photo 2014-06-28 19.51.40.jpg  photo 2014-07-02 21.24.59.jpg  photo 2014-07-06 17.16.47.jpg  photo 2014-07-11 22.59.36.jpg  photo 2014-07-17 17.29.13.jpg  photo 2014-07-18 12.13.23.jpg  photo 2014-07-18 12.14.12.jpg  photo 2014-07-18 16.47.15.jpg  photo 2014-07-21 08.08.27.jpg 
That's my dad. I had some scavenging done. More about it later. 
Back in the studio. 
 photo 2014-07-21 20.25.31-1.jpg  photo 2014-07-22 20.15.35.jpg  photo 2014-07-22 20.23.16.jpg 
And back on the road. 
 photo 2014-07-24 19.51.44.jpg  photo 2014-07-25 16.50.55.jpg  photo 2014-07-25 22.19.36.jpg  photo 2014-07-26 13.18.28.jpg 
Remember this bus ? The DOJO project ? 
I've stumble upon it in a village - teaching kids about forest preservation. Feeling proud. 
 photo 2014-07-26 15.49.17.jpg  photo 2014-07-26 16.20.10 HDR.jpg  photo 2014-07-26 16.34.18.jpg 
Sea side and kites. 
This was a weird one - someone just died next to the stage. Concert was cancelled. 
Later that nigh on another stage, also on the sea side - at our concert a young boy proposed to his girl. They got married already since. 
 photo 2014-08-02 18.29.13.jpg 
And plans for a new office started to show up. 
 photo 2014-08-09 18.04.49.jpg 
but .. i was on the road again. 
 photo 2014-08-22 20.35.13.jpg  photo 2014-08-23 23.19.15.jpg  photo 2014-09-01 11.58.49.jpg  photo 2014-09-01 11.59.27.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 11.43.15-1.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 11.43.21.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 11.43.57.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 11.46.49.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 12.48.46.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 12.49.00.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 12.49.17.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 16.31.30.jpg  photo 2014-09-03 16.32.45.jpg 
the above are all glimpses from shooting Arhanghel'sk video. Awesome people. 
More fun at home and at the office as you can see below. 
 photo 2014-09-06 14.10.32.jpg  photo 2014-09-11 14.14.49.jpg 
And on the road.. and on the sea... 
 photo 2014-09-19 16.27.41.jpg 
This is my old office - i had to say goodbye. 
 photo 2014-10-04 12.49.21.jpg 
And on the mountains... 
 photo 2014-10-05 13.33.27.jpg  photo 2014-10-08 08.47.49.jpg  photo 2014-10-09 22.27.19.jpg 
And that's the nicest boarding pas i ever had...
To London they said...  
 photo 2014-10-11 15.05.46.jpg  photo 2014-10-11 15.06.19.jpg  photo 2014-10-11 17.32.38.jpg  photo 2014-10-12 16.46.50.jpg  photo 2014-10-12 16.55.27.jpg 
New office in the works... 
 photo 2014-10-18 11.19.50 HDR.jpg  photo 2014-10-22 18.42.55.jpg 
And on the road again... 
 photo 2014-10-31 15.15.00.jpg  photo 2014-10-31 16.02.41.jpg  photo 2014-10-31 16.03.24.jpg  photo 2014-10-31 21.34.00.jpg 
Playing the new song.. we're learning the fresh lyrics :) 
And sharing the dorm with snoring friends
 photo 2014-11-01 09.51.43.jpg  photo 2014-11-01 15.15.09 HDR.jpg 
oh.. we stumbled upon a football match...  
 photo 2014-11-23 12.00.41.jpg
and got carrot juice 
and cold concerts .. very cold ones... 
 photo 2014-11-28 18.45.40.jpg  photo 2014-12-04 09.59.07.jpg 
 photo 2014-12-25 16.15.50.jpg 
And morning concerts ... what a weather... 
 photo 2014-12-08 07.29.44.jpg 
the office was done. 
more pictures... here
 photo 2014-12-27 15.48.43.jpg 
 photo 2014-12-21 17.07.13.jpg 
x-mass gifts round 1 
 photo 2014-12-29 20.38.28.jpg
and welcome 2015
 photo 2015-02-22 17.01.28.jpg  photo 2015-02-27 10.08.47.jpg 
I started to collect nail polish marks. 
I love spotting them in town. It's like spotting trees where a mother bear sharpened its claws.  
 photo 2015-03-23 19.06.24.jpg
  photo 2015-03-23 10.57.40.jpg
France - first and only day of Sky. Yep.. a concert too. 
And than.. straight to Ukraine. 
No concerts there. 
 photo 2015-03-26 13.36.24.jpg  photo 2015-04-24 16.29.25-2.jpg 
And sea side again. 
And on the way back... the cafe racer baby at it's first show. 
I'll come up with the right pictures soon. I hope. 
 photo 2015-04-26 16.09.54.jpg 
And more fun... and more travel 
 photo 2015-04-28 21.41.49.jpg  photo 2015-05-02 08.35.56.jpg  photo 2015-05-09 23.17.59.jpg  

Uh.. this was supposed to be posted back on Nov 1st 2014. Self Portrait Day... i hope you know already. 

  photo 2014-11-01 13.17.41.jpg  photo 2014-12-21 21.48.54.jpg 
And a new trip to China... 
 photo 2015-05-17 16.21.49.jpg  photo 2015-05-22 11.38.24.jpg  photo 2015-05-22 11.45.39.jpg  photo 2015-05-22 11.50.31.jpg 
Hong Kong... 
and back home.
 photo 2015-05-24 11.41.40.jpg
Happy 65 mom! :) 
 photo 2015-05-25 18.22.51.jpg 
No.. I promised real pictures.. stand by... 
 photo 2015-05-26 19.26.00.jpg
And to end the cycle of life.. this is the 2015 Race... same place... almost... i'll be back with pictures. 
 photo 2015-05-29 13.08.10.jpg  photo 2014-06-20 14.19.09.jpg
Keep watching this spot... from time to time :) 

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