Friday, November 28, 2008

No Reflection

ref used from net.

First time it was deja vu.
She was as always half asleep on the way to school, leaning her forehead on the bus window when the other car passed in the opposite direction.
In the window of the other bus her reflection doubled.
The next day she played with her reflection until her shadow merged with the rain trails and formed a rabbit...
Nice weather, no? said the rabbit.

The regular opposite bus makes his pasing fast. She barely managed to notice that her reflection was looking on the wrong direction.
She was tiered... needing sleep.
Eyes closed she talked in her head with all the people in the bus - finding out all their stories. People are not that bad. Students rock.
She will punish her reflection tomorrow starring at the window no matter how many busses will cross....

Weekend came... no school, no bus... no window... no reflection...
She forgot about it until the forehead told her Monday morning - brr the window is cold... again.
It's decided: she will look for the other bus.
The bus arrived... and for a split of a second she saw herself in the other bus... with her forehead on the window.
There was no doubt... it was really her... or someone who looks identical with her.
She was so freaked out the next day... looking for the purple bus...
Her heart was so small... the bus was getting closer.. and...
Both busses stopped - the traffic was such that her widow came right in place with the window she was aiming for in the purple bus.
She looked at her copy... perfect... the copy was amazed too... it was such a moment... she doesn't remember anything else from that day...

Next day... she looked again... big starring eyes on both windows... moving away the copy... smiled...
Couldn't remember anything else of that day either...
Next day she mounts in the bus to go to school... eyes meet... time stops... time runs again... and then at destination, she gets off the bus... she was... home.
It was still morning... she left for school - she remembers that much... yet... the bus brought her home. She tries to ask the driver but... the bus is gone and... it's purple.

She dials her own number... and her voice sais - i cant talk right now.. i'm having class. i'll call you later.

later she only receives a message:
"i'm sorry about all this - it's because i'm in love... all the quantics... the infinities of us... i had to skip over one of us. Is all a bit messy - but... all the numbers are right now - you will love too... starting tomorrow. I'm go glad for all of us. Good bye."

The next day... she was going to school... remembering nothing of this - she was just thinking about her lover... someone she only remembers about... it feels like she never met him... like a love from the internet and it will take her whole life to see him again... but she loves him... and she will stick to this window of the bus every day until the bus will take her to that world and she will be able see him again. What's the difference if he's oceans away or dimensions apart?

Then suddenly she heard his voice... right in her head "i love you too, freako"

The end.

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