Sunday, December 14, 2008



It's time, baby...


But he didn't sleep at all. It has been a long time since he was waiting for this. It was her discovery and he was about to keep it for himself. This totally plain hotel room had the key to his dreams... and it was meant to work one day of the year only.
The watter was dripping filling up the tub. Out of the tub... he looks hypnotised at the water - He grabs some water to wet himself.. takes the cream soap bar with scrub particles and smashes it into his fists then he firmly fists his dick and moans in pain. He couldn't wait anymore.
The steam starts to create unusual rigid geometrical shapes... and the mirror responds in kind by refusing to lose its clarity.
It was hard to breath and the hot water was just about to reach the half of the tub.
It was time.. indeed.

He gets into the water and his body soon start to feel it. She was on the other side... allover him.. morphing in many ways that he could not even imagine. He felt he was inside her.. and outside and the more the water was rising in the tub the more his body was feeling.. unnaturally good. They were reunited... he missed her so much.
This little trick with the water in this hotel room, at this time... was millions better then any "Being John Malcovitch" - and they both tried that.
She told him NEVER to plunge his head under the watter - She told him to keep himself in this time and dimension, and to give himself... only as parts.. never the head.
But it was going to be so much until he was to see her again... and the water was running and reaching his neck.
He felt so good.. he only wanted to let go.. to submerge himself to her... She always told him to be free... yet he only thought of her.. he never wanted anything else... to be free .. was to be ... hers.
He said.. "i love you...freako' ... I'm coming" and with open eyes.. he let his body drag the head under the water.
His dick came... and sperm floated in the water as he disappeared...

on the other side.. she bit her lip and whispered a "no..."
her eyes got flooded with tears who carried his taste...
she knew she lost him... he was gone.
why did had to love her that much? Why was this happening again?

the water kept running all the way... to the room... and to the stairs of the hotel.. and to the pit of the elevator.. and it kept running a long time after as the hotel guys had a realy hard time puting a stop to that.

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