Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Deafult Answer...

- So i gues the answer would be "NO" ?
- The default answer is NO - whatever you might ask. You scare me, i already told you.
- i guess my inner shadow looks too much like a monster in this light...
- look, i don't even know why i keep talking to you.
- becouse when i'm silly you're serious and the other way around.
- ...

- between your fears and your dreams i seem to be your trusty sheppard. Your inner seismics have harmonics that make me sing like the chimney of an old train happy to enter a station.
- really ?

- you do nothing and that's enough to take the best out of me. I spill myslef over my past and before it gets all a mess you sort the colors like a prism blowjobs the light.
- see? you can't behave enough to produce a single phrase without an ugly word. why would i even bother ? you're so ugly... i forbid you to think of me.
- my dear, if you invent the medicine that would stop thoughts to enter one's brain, or better yet, the one to take them out, i'd proclaim you the killer of muses and probably make you very rich. i like being illegal anyway, oh you forbiden thought.
- look - i have to go.
- where are you ?
- in a car.
- GOT YOUR NEW CAR ALREADY? so cool, i'm gla...
- no, it's a funeral. we're entering the cimitery.
- uh... what?
- bye.
- ...

the conversation was gone and the author left wondering what was the purpose anyway when the muses start attending funerals?
- i love the way you dance, said the author towards nobody.
- look, we have a situation here. Inteligence alone doesn't make it for inexperience.
- so am i suppose to love all the girls in the world and decide wich one is the true muse for me? you call that experience ?
- no, things are more complicated - we need a pilot for the next robot.
- WHAT? Listen you unloved mind, abused loneliness or whoever you are when you spit ideas here, you're really messy.I need a flow, coherence, and arch and...
- you need the guts. So get that or start drinking and waste your life and keep on complaning abut the lack of beauty, the lost feelings, the rare moments of true vision, the everchanging world and how the good things get lost.
- I... I AM ONE... WITH THE ROBOT. I am the robot's heart. I am my own muse.

People were amazed by the robot - it seemed so human, so inspiring for the rest of them, yet unable to love. That was beautyfull and sad in the same time. The questions for the robot were the same - always very human like:Did you take cocaine? Do you have sex? Do you have a robot-girlfriend? You should get one.
Robot thought it was pointless but he humored the counterparts - a girlfriend, a whife, kids and retirement - the beauty of life - i will get those as i get old.
-if you're smart, you retire around 35 and spend the rest of your life doing something wild, said an old man, sharing the secret of the life.
- thank you Mr. Gex, i'll surely try.
- hello, You there? said again the voice.
- muse, is that you?
- i though i have forbidden you to think of me.
- geesh, you called me - remember?
- whatever - we have a problem?
- pilot for the next robot?
- no you idiot, the mermaids... they are all on their period and the alien queen has to put up a show tonight and...
- OH MY GOD... i don;t want to be part of that.. why did you come to me for this.. i'm a mere robot... and you talk dirty now and...
- CALL YOUR ANGELS! It's time to save the alien queen
- ah... what a waste of morale.
So.. i did... i did save the queen of the aliens, despite the mermaids having .. well.. you know already.... and i got all the necesarry steps to be retired before 35. What else - ah yeah... get a robot girlfriend, have robo-kids and retire again. Well... that were my problem with the muse came from in the first place.
So... will you love me ? Muse? Hello?
- I guess the default answer would be "NO" ?

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Mo said...

I like it, I like it much.
Dialogue, then.
Brillinant suggention exercise.