Friday, September 18, 2009

Rejected Material - too fancy for Clancy.

“Who needs their fossil fuels? The planet surely won’t complain when half of the world will stop using them. We have electric cars, busses and all. Whatever we don’t have yet, we’ll build – we have made destroyers and submarines on nuclear power and our satellites don’t need gas to run- I'd say we're ahead already. We’ll be much better in the end
United States Fool

It was a slow process and somehow the mastermind behind it made sure that everyone joined the race with all their guts on the table. Prices grew, economists debated, politicians took the opportunity and soon half of the world was marching into technology upgrade. They were to make the man the ruler of the universe by embracing it’s rules, respecting the planet. They were “the Pure”. In this part of the earth people become so hateful of the fossil fuels that they didn’t even made campfires anymore. It was the new step for the modern man, a place where humankind was forging its destiny with its hands. The globalization process got stuck and managed only to coagulate the world in two, each part considering itself fortunate.

On the other side, people were already destined for greatness as the gods and the planet favored them with the power of fire, the one that made the difference from the beginning of time. Russia sealed their pipes and made a pact with the Middle East – all the resources were traded only within this group called “the selected”. When the group got China’s money and processing power they knew that the balance tumbled on their side. There was no horizon anymore. They were to bring faith, into the world.

Europe, US, Japan and the others were already on the path of alternative sources as the “pure governments” initiated upgrade programs for each industry and money found a new path to flow. The future seemed noble, septic clean and bright and all the sacrifices seemed reasonable.

Yet as the separation grew stronger so did the truth came out to hurt all sides.

One side was depending to the earth juices and grew greedier and obsessed with its precious fuel.

The other got itself suspended while trying to detach from the old ways a bit too fast. Things were moving but far too slow… everything was just surviving and some were not pleased with only that.

Saboteurs and dealers, secret transports and huge money were in the new underground market for fuel and clean tech alike swinging the sides and anyone who wanted more was deep in the game. Soon, the more money, the more greed and the more the conflict the bigger the weapons.

Success formulas were tested all over the planet – it was nothing illegal, it was just hard to get – and it didn’t surprise anyone when some strong men decided to get what they could from the weak.

And since history provided enough tools and scenarios for supremacy it all came down to the right weapons.

That’s where we came in – there are no better weapons in a war than what we fly - and these birds burn fuel – now... how ironic is that ?

This story wouldn’t be as interesting if it wasn’t like this. Get ready to see a lot of flames and to have your hands smell of kerosene. It’s the last song of fire on this planet and it dances from the sky, like in the bible.

It’s the last act of planetary suicide, the last drop of oil, the last flight of the jet fighters and you’d better be curious to see how it ends, because it sounds like a thundering epilogue.

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