Tuesday, December 01, 2009

weekend takes

So it's time for another update.
After a small visit to Paris (remember the Nintendo conf in London) i got back to some more garage stuff.
Let's take it along.
Monochrome one to link with the Rome episode. Lovely restaurant downtown.

Victorious Designer

It's decided - this restaurant will be one day the location for a shooting.

Ah.. the pleasure of bad wine in good company

French architecture CDG airport

Straight from the airport i ended up in another restaurant where my brother was celebrating his 2nd place on the last offroad race. Good stories and all.. but my mind was at the bike me and Ionut decided to buy over a glass of whiskey.
The old devil arrived with a truck from a far away town, has already put my friend to the ground once and now it was my time to try to tame her.
Initially looking for a SR500 to turn into a cafe racer we ended up admiring the work of the previous owner, who took the design toward brat style.

I loved it!
Great balance, super light, AWSOME sound.. and the kickstart is fun fun fun (at leaast for now :) )


Jumba set himself on flames (again) two days ago - he thought us how to start the old bike. So he had his share of fun.

everyone joined

The dentist was tuning himself

Took the monster in the garage to work on the electrics a bit.

Meanwhile the old bikes are set for hibernation

Barchetta is still requiring some work.

My old Snow - is waiting for Cornel to transplant his new heart. My Patrol is missing me... so bad. I feel it.
Winter is coming my dear.. i hope to have the expedition you dream of.

The Jimnycar of Ionut is dreaming of the same ride - but i fear it's not going to be ready :( :( :(

Pisi is still working on his injection.

Trooper recorded another victory in the same weekend.
This is the sponsor shot :)

as for me... i still have a lot of things on my hands. stand by for more updates.

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