Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fontana di Trevi


There are certain elements to each wish - like the layers of a chocolate bonbon with a marinated cherry inside. I'm talking about the true nature of your echo, the price for your wish and... obviously my mood. It's always a matter of those 3.
For the price.. what can i say... i usually leave it up to you. As a general rule, you pay each fulfilled wish with 3 sacrifices. And that's not my number... this is how the market goes. You don't like it.. try a church.. see how you like their price.
(Ask someone who lost a child and see if they can justify that... ask them about the other 2 sacrifices and the wish they had. Ask them if it was worthy too. Heh.. i know i'm a bit cold but... it's the nature of my water.)

The coins? Still needed, I'm sorry, but it's the way you people can transfer your feelings to me. It's my patented method and the one that works best still - not much trouble afterwards.
It's true, in the beginning the coins had some value... now it's all about how strongly you hold it in your fist while you ponder your wishes.
Yes... i really enjoy that moment. Hearing your inner voice you begin to fear. You sound too greedy, you search for reasons to love yourself some more, you want to let the universe know that you're so good inside that you have the power to deny your own dreams and...
Did you know that almost 95% of the people throwing money here are making their most important wish, a good thought for someone else? For lovers, sick relatives, troubled friends and lost buddies. You feel so good about yourself wishing well for someone else... don't you?
Well.. my poor souls, i care for you only. The one in front of me... and the one having the guts to love oneself enough to make a wish for his inner seed. Your wishes are filled with your love and i can make them come true only if that love comes back at you. Your love is all i care for. It's all i need, it's the only way i can love you enough to get inside your core and unlock the power to make wishes come true. Because .. in the end.. it's you who make them real. But then you get in front of me, you ponder your thoughts and decide to use your magic energy for...
And you wonder why it's a matter of my mood ?
Squeeze those feelings into a coin.. and throw it right inside my guts... see how i feel.. see if i make your wish come true.
I always do.

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