Saturday, December 25, 2010


Last week i had the pleasure to be part of a painting expo - my first :)
I never expected to have a showing - ever. When i started drawing/painting i thought i will be able to enjoy this at retirement, out in the garden with a paper hat on my head and the grandchildren too noisy around me. Lucky enough i have been enjoying painting since the first day i started - well.. exclude the frustration that comes along and hits hard.
All thanks to new friends. I was fortunate enough to discover amazing people in the pursuit of fine arts who thought me the joy of... seeing in colors i guess.
It's why, maybe, later on, i picked on photos - again with no expectations.
So PAF was a surprise.
I got lucky again at the PAF since i didn't have to put up on the wall any major statement.
I was given the opportunity to promote the Self Portrait Day (Scroll down for about a month :) ) and so i did.
Next time i will actually have to think of what i want to put up the walls - i'll have to give a heavier meaning to my pixels.
Well... enough ranting - here are some photos from the expo - courtesy of fellow artist at PAF and good friend Dominus.





Detail on one of the self portraits and me facing myself. What a clown.

Thx for looking.
Next time... we'll have a message - ok ? ;)

It's time for me to take another trip - not sure i'll have the time to update - so see you next year.
Here's a look at the last shooting of this year.
Diana Nita
Thx for looking and have a great 2011.

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elle said...

Oh I loved that detail-and that's exactly why I took a photo of it :)
Looking forward to more exhibitions