Friday, February 18, 2011

New Post. New camera. Old places.

For a while now, i kept on waiting for people to ask me about my gear. I mean, i keep getting questions about what tools i use when i paint, draw etc but nobody gives a damn about my photos - that's probably because they suck :)
Anyway, since you're not asking, i'm telling ya. :)
I have one camera and one lens:)
Canon EOS 300 - 6 Megapixels with the 18-55 (default) lens. It was 300 usd a few years ago, 2nd hand, form a friend of mine.
I knew my photos are not at the right level but i kept on finding excuses - and most of the time - i was conforting myself with thoughts that my gear is not strong enough.
Well... i got bored to find excuses and after more than one year of savings... i made an investment. Ladies and gens... my new camera:
5D Mk II

Here's a versus shot - both equipped with the cheap 50mm (the lens on the right is broken :) )
And another one to spot some differences :)

Now.. the problem is... the new one feels cheapper while it costed me a fortune.
Also.. the first tests i did... were horrible.
I had 2nd thoughts about taking the new camera with me on my next trip but in the end... i just tossed it in the backpack and took it out on some extreme conditions - just so it learns the environment of the owner :)
Most of these are out of focus and just out of place - but i hope you'll celebrate with me my lack of excuses.
(surely the 50mm it's not for these kind of shots.. but let's not start again :) )

and a pseudo panoramic to give you a hint of the view.

it was a trip trough terrible cold winds of 200-250 km/h.
The shots are taken when we were out of the peaks since we could barelly walk there - taking photos was impossible. the reward however is slightly pictured above.
I know it's not the kind of shots you ussualy see on this blog but i promisse i'll make it back. The rest of the pictures from this trip should do the job. ;)
thx for looking.


Dominus said...

well fuck, i hate you now :D

awesome pics there!

Ioana said...

my dearest, it was great! let's do this again.

Paul Bogdan said...

mk2 *drool*

R said...

Finally got to the photo gear part [after scrolling for a couple of days] ...and finally someone using a Canon!!