Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Echoes... from the drunk

Try to spot this one. I know it's a shot out of a serie that i'm doing with my friend up there. Scrolling trough the blog you might be able to sift some of the other pics of the serie.
Here he goes again:

And if you're at it... see if you can spot this serie too - in fact - those two go a long strech in time - and most of the photos aren't posted on the blog - but one day... ONE DAY... i'll gather them all and if you get just 1/1000000000000 of the fun we had - you'll be smilig up to your ears.

Now the real question is: What the hell were we doing in the subway ???
Surely we were drunk but... there was always a greater purpose. We were searching for little gods.. and we found some.
Here is how you shoot strangers and worship them after... just for good times.

here's the whorshiper

and more vibe :)

get this one ?


Also, somehow related (it's difficult to keep on the road when you're under.. influence ;) ) my brother(s) got a new garage.

And still related - this guy... i met him on the offroad rides first and on a fashion workshop later.

Check out his blog.

and one final shot with DeeDee because i miss her and i have to clear the card of pics from December. ;)

January ? What January ?

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Ioana said...

Am crezut ca nu le vom mai vedea, dar m-am inselat. Ionut pe bancuta imi place! Pare ca ar fi fost cuminte, desi nu era :)