Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Long Pose - Short Time

The nightdrawres set up a long poze evening last monday.
Excelent moment to hook up with my friends. Dan has been away for years and now he's for a brief period back in town. We used to stare at the wall arguing about the exact nouances of "white" at 5 am. Drinks and passion for art will do that to you.
We ended up at a Drum&Base party and we painted all night on the piano of that club :)
So... it was a blast to see him again yet... after drawing beautiful Corina we didn't had that much time to share. My 5am was booked for a shooting the next day... and that photo shoot lasted 10 hours. (very fun though... stand by ;) )
So.. here are the remains of that late monday - the lovely talks i can't share - you had to be there...
Loose start... messy... everytime when i start working straight on digital i trend to drag... and drag.. and lose focus.. and... structure .. and.. i loose it :)

After 40 minutes of drift... i decided to clean it up.
And this is where the time with Corina was over.

But the art debate continued and me and Dan started to stab eachother - taking turns in holding the pen and messing the colors on the piece.

"Oh.. look what you've done here... you call this a good stroke ? "
"You know what i'm going to do ? I'll erase this face.. and i'll go with complementary color on those highlits"
"Reealy? Give me that pen.. let me sharpen those edges for you... and noooo.. don;t touch the nipple.. noooooo"

Thx for looking.


Dominus said...

well that was pretty fucking gay story :)

anyway, you should focus more on the general shape or on the face rather than the nipple

Afantana said...

is than envy in your voice ? :P
you know you can join us anytime :)
Oh... bring Gospo too... to max out the fun :)

Paul Bogdan said...

ah, grafica cu Corina <3, faaain lucrat!

Paul Bogdan said...

don't touch the nipple?:))))))

adrian said...

Very good work! Congratulations! I like the plasticity of the light. I couldn't do such things with a tablet... I don't think so; I'll have to practice more.