Monday, March 07, 2011

Mobile Snapload- part 2

Well.. the good part of having a camera attached to your phone - you get to snap more of the things that snap at you.
I'm looking forward snaping sleepy drunken morning shots of snappy beauties... that i might not post :)
In the meantime here's a look at the late shades of winter. It might trouble you but i enjoy the late snow... like this.

Even the trees got addapted and produced even bigger ice fruits.
Global warming? I already love it :)

(you might get the reasons from this one ;) )

Every day in my way to work i see this store. The owner has no ideea of the truth displayed in his window. I kept saying it... this Eco ... concept is.. SO... :)

Now.. let's get back to those models in the morning... no coffe for me but i'll take a tea...

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