Monday, July 04, 2011

Cotton Candy Asylum

Here are some other photos I've been waiting to get done/clearence. It was a fun shooting - lots of quick calls and since i love colors - i had a good time smashing the gamut. 

Models were romanian fashion blogers - Ioana Liliana Gheoghe & Iulia Burtea. Check them out:

The rest of the magic team si listed below. Always a pleasure to work with Diana Ionescu (Makeup) and Anca Macavei (Hair style) as well as meeting new people on each shot. 


There's so much to love about the charmingly pretty Manoush clothes that we dedicated our entire attention to them for this shoot.
For this session of pictures we envisioned an atmosphere within the boutique that at first sight seems detached from a fairy tale, very much dominated by pink, candy, muffins and colorful fashion items. Discreetly flirty, boldly feminine yet childish models, in a dazzling cultural blend and absolutely charming setting induced a surreal atmosphere but with a reminiscent of a vaguely ominous magic for our manifesto.
“It was a fairy tale, no fooling. It was unreality becoming real. This frightened her. Because people don’t care for unreality becoming real. It pricks their well-fed minds, you see, with something like a hunger pang. They prefer the logical stuffiness of expectancy. It is only at certain times that they weaken, letting imagination in.
That’s the time to get them.”— Richard Matheson
Blending elements of the romantic and boho style, promoting an unconventional, free spirit with no imagination boundaries we ended up in an exquisite experience of a fragile territory that swept us right into the heart of a fantasy world. It is an intimate and immersive inner exploration from the models staind point, a sort of otherworldly, dreaming calm expressed euphemistically via photography.
<Cotton Candy Asylum> is sweat, fashion implosion and the match point.

Les Poupees Manoush - The One Magazine Romania

Fotograf Andrei Fantana
Modele Ioana Liliana Gheoghe, Iulia Burtea
Make-up Diana Ionescu
Coafura Anca Macavei
Concept Medina Pop
Vestimentatie Manoush
Locatie Magazin Manoush, Baneasa Shopping City

making of photos here

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