Friday, July 01, 2011

Retro Adventures

From Natura Elena

There is magic in the preparation in anticipation for something.
I've been working on these photos for a long time now and doing so I’ve come to love some pixels, here and there.
I've spent my time with the model tuning the light on each shoulder, on each wrinkle on each hair for days. She was my lover for past months and she has no idea.
Yet it’s more than that. I’ve com e to love my team and the time we take to buy flowers for the hair, the hours of makeup, the pushing of furniture around and the authentic vintage clothes, the constant movement of lights and the drive… there is a drive for complex beauty – I love that.
She’s been waiting for these photos. I’ve been waiting to post them too. And I did my preparation.
In the shot she was waiting for … him. And I hope people take the same kind of effort in the preparation of a simple moment, I hope elegance and femininity and all these rules that we don’t seem to need for our survival still hold some ground in some minds, in some hearts.
Authentic waiting brings along timeless moments.
Enjoy... and wait for more

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Silvia Boyadzhieva said...

Great feelin' Bravo