Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Blue

An accident they thought. At her 3rd anniversary, he came with his parents and acted like it was his own birthday. All the grown ups in the room were eating, drinking, laughing out loud. The kids were drawing. She didn't cry at first. His drawing was dark blue.
It wasn't even a matter or argument. Somehow his hand took a Prussian blue pencil and stabbed the sharp tip in her face.
The place was amazingly chosen.
For years to come, the blue mole would charm so many people. They kept on asking: Is it a birth sign? So blue... how come?
Nineteen years later she had a fiance, he had a wife and a kid. Once again.. in a remote town, somehow they meet on the street. They had no idea at that time that he was the one marking her when she was 3 but the mole played her part stronger then before.
Two nights later, having sex was odd for both so, as she was trying to quit smoking, he just took a book and read her a story. The mole was burning and so all her beauty came out of her body and smacked all their entities together in a blender we call.. love.

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