Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Old Interviews

“Don’t set your goals based on what you think you could achieve. Set your goals on what you wish you could achieve, and then believe you can.” - Lorne Lanning

Hey - once again - sorry for the lack of updates - i was away (again) - and even taking my camera with me... i forgot my CF card at home.
(Maybe i can gather some pics from my friend's camera.)

Anyway - i'll start posting some interviews with cool people. This one goes more than 2 years back - i forgot about this series but it seems people dig them up.
Here's one legend :)
If you ever liked Oddworld take the time and listen to Lorne Lanning. I love the man.

And soon enough .. hopefully - i'll get back with fresh interviews i took this year - good stuff :) (i only need the time to edit them...)
And thx to Jaunty for digging this stuff up...

EDIT --> ...and the word is spread...

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