Sunday, March 07, 2010

Unblow a kiss

Two weekends ago, i found out that a building close to the office was going to be destroyed - by controlled explosion.
To take advantage of the event - i wanted to take a shot of a kiss with the falling building on the background. So i call up friends, find a model willing to kiss the old me, makeup, lights the whole gear. Everyone was in terrible party mode the night before so early Sunday i was gathering sleepy yet enthusiast friends from around the town.
Half way trough the makeup the news comes: there will be no more explosion.
Well... since we were there we went on with it anyway...
here's how Alin captured it.

photos: Alin Popescu
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Model: Corina Ifrim Allure
the rest of the story on Alin's blog.

My shots:

Here are some shots Cristi took - i went on and messed with them since he finds reasons every time not to work on his raws.

And some from the one and only Diana "DeeDee" Ionescu
Sorry Dee... i messed with yours too :P

So that's about it. Another failed concept, another morning of fun. Hope you enjoyed (it was cold up there :) )

EDIT - more Cristi

and Lili

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Mo said...

Great boots, nice old guy, super kiss. Luv you