Friday, March 12, 2010

Game Over... 14 years ago ... ?

Boy i feel old... and creepy in my head. Lucky enough some folks keep reminding me of my early days.
Few days ago I was supposed to celebrate the birth of one of my biggest projects - Game Over magazine.
To all the fans out there... if any still alive,
here are some pictures of those days.
For the non gamers visiting.. bare with us.. we have this sickness... AND WE'LL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

Cover of the first issue.
Funny thing, i met one of the designers of Command & Conquer only few weeks ago.
I'll post soon an interview with Randy and even a head to head with on e of the designers of World in conflict
(destructive minds.. are we not... pfff.. where is the love ? )

Here are some pics of the guys involved... you should see them now :)
Some are reaaaaly unchanged - i mean.. you can find them exactly in the same position, on that same chair wearing that same shirt... :P

Bugs... in the first trip to ECTS. As you can see.. we're in a pretty pretty industry.




Me... right after the decease of the project... dreaming of being a great designer... for Impale Ent :)
E3 2000 i think...

and right there... i met Oleg Maddox - doing flight games... just like me :)
Here he is... moving his hardware :)

and .. while scouting in the old photos i found something for the nostalgics.
A photo of the dude who wrote Dos Navigator

and this guy

i don;t remeber.. he was from Hexen or .. something.. and after the day was over Paul met with the demon in the bathroom - he was washing hes feet in a sink :)
Nasty paint... you see?
Well... that was my small trip back in time... as a way to thank to all who believed in us back than.
Sorry i couldn't find pics with all of us... and surely you remember more things than we do... since we're so old.

EDIT - if you want to read it.. some nice guys scanned the whole collection and shared the old mag. with the rest of the Internet. FREE THE INFORMATION... :P


Dominus said...

hahaha! thanks for the nostalgic trip in the past mate! I know you're hiding more pics for the 15th anniversary that will come with a downloadable PDF version of a bonus last issue of Game Over, right? :D

nightride said...

duude :D i still have the magazines. you guys were great! thanks for the trip in the past.

ioviaipi said...

Ma plimbam pe net...PANICA!!!
Cineva din echipa G.O si-a adus aminte de vremurile "de mult apuse".
Intentia este laudabila dar,istoria a fost un pic altfel decat este expusa aici.
-"Few days ago I was supposed to celebrate the birth of one of my biggest projects - Game Over magazine. "-
Oare chiar a fost proiectul tau???
Oare cine sunt eu!!!

curiosu said...

Ne poate lamuri si pe noi cineva? Trebuie sa stim ce a fost...