Saturday, January 22, 2011


There's no other Zen and sometimes no bigger frustration than drawing from a live model.
Some old friends managed to set up the weekly event that makes Mondays cooler than Sundays.
Hopefully i'll keep on going and on dropping whatever i scribble. Here are some sketches from the last time i went. I messed up with them playing with the new version of my software. I also added a small movie i edited for them (a bit low on the content but you'll get the picture).

I have no idea why i got into the goof mode, fooling around on the sketchbook but i had fun. Hope you will too.

photos & video: marius costache
edit by me.
some random tits i made while i was in a meeting (ups...)

and here's another doodle on the graphic side.

EDIT: I keep drawing old people and portraits looking to the left (the past as they say). I have no bloody idea why.This one got away with the USB connection - i think the future is coming :P :P
bye bye.

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