Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Jan

Today my father would have turned 80.
Somehow the last image i have of him is a drawing i made while he was in the hospital.

Oddly enough i realized that all the portraits i did of my family were in hospital beds.
Here's my brother completely still - with his spine broken in 2 places doe to his para-gliding tricks. I was just beginning to draw and it was a good way to spend time with him and practice my pencils.

don;t mind the lines and the black eyes and swaloed faces he was doing for me by default.
He's fine now - if you want to see what he's up to, follow this blog.
My father is also fine. If you want to know how he's doing, follow this blog.

P.S. - if you were looking for a reason to drink a glass of wine, i can give you some.

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