Thursday, January 20, 2011

The last...

It's been a while since i posted... work. In fact i never post real work since my work is posting me like a stamp on a chair for long, long hours and i'm not allowed to show you what i do there :) I was speaking about pleasure. It's been a while since i posted pleasure. Wait, pleasure is not posted... it's sponged, soaked, pulsed all the way inside.
So... what i post about it's fun.. since fun is ussualy spread and this is what I want to do and what remains when there's no reflection... not even in the camera mirror.

This fun is about the last shades of the last shoot of the last shape, last hue of the last year.
As usual it was a rushed job, an early call on a Sunday morning.
The good part of a Sunday morning is that, while most people sleep, you can shape the world around you so much easier.
Lucky enough i knew the collection and i knew what kind of shapes i needed in my background to match the volumes of the clothes - what i didn't know was how cold it was going to be.

Here are some attepts at finding a style in the post-process.
I was busy as a junior bee at the time so DeeDee stepped in an took over the hard part. Here's her view of the day.

And here are my insecurities. What a mess.
As i was saying - creating the shapes around the subject is easy - seeing the beauty cry.. out of cold... that's when photography becomes evil - so maybe why i'm doing it.

i wanted to explain what i was looking for on the color side but i'm currently under a lot of fire so i'll have to do that some other time.
anyway, things were going a bit out of hand :)

and more on the portrait cut

Hairstyle beast:

And more color.

That was it. Looking forward what 2011 has in store on this side.
Thx. for looking.

Model: Alitia
Hairstyle: Anca Macavei
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Clothes: Diana Nita

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